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Design a Cube CityStudents use isometric dot paper to draw 3-D buildings and design their own cube cities.
Poetry & 3-D Art for Every Season - write diamante poems--reviewing nouns, verbs, and adjectives--and create 3-D art displays to brighten any season or holiday.
Clock Fraction Addition

Flap Book with Powers of Ten

No link--haven't blogged about this yet. Available in both stores. See stores for full description.

Journaling With Top 10 Lists

Powers of 10 Scoot

Presenting Multiples & Factors!

Egg Carton Fraction Addition Task Cards

Vacation Workstation

Descriptive Poetry & Tissue Painting

101 Ways to Make Book Reports Fun

Skittle Fractions, Estimation & Graphing

Feelings Journal

Explore Oregon Regions

Stores at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook also have freebies! If you download a freebie or purchase a product, become a store follower to receive notification when updates are posted. Enjoy!


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