Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flap Books: Powers of Ten (Multiply & Divide by 10, Again & Again!)

We've been working with the power of ten--more specifically, looking at what happens to a number as it is multiplied or divided by ten again and again. Here are a few of the highlights:

We began with The Great Wall of Base Ten. (photo, right) If you ever have a chance to do this with students, it's really eye-opening to build a model where numbers grow (multiply!) by powers of 10 as you move across the visual. We also read books and watched videos that show what happens when you multiply and divide by ten.

SCOOT! is always a hit in my clasroom and a version that requires students to multiply and divide decimals and whole numbers by 10 and 100 is really helpful. It gives students a bit of practice while they move about the classroom. It also provides an assessment check, allowing me to know who understands the concepts and who still needs a little practice.

After our success with the flap book "presents" we made with multiples and factors, I made another version to practice what we're learning about multiplying and dividing with powers of ten.

 Students answer nine problems (two sets) to investigate what happens when a number is either multiplied or divided by 10 again and again. Then they record patterns observed in the multiplication or division equations. This little flap book will be added to our math journals to demonstrate what we've learned about powers of ten. Blank versions of the sheets are also available for teachers and students to create their own powers of ten problems.

The new flap book is currently available at Teachers Pay Teachers and will soon be available at Teachers Notebook. As a new product, it is on addition to the big Thursday-Friday TPT sale.

I hope the last two days of your school week are tenfold fun!

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