Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plastic Eggs - Counting/Number Recognition Game

Don't put away your plastic eggs yet! Here's a super easy, fun, counting/number recognition game...

1. For each child, use a Sharpie to label an egg carton and a dozen plastic eggs with the numbers 1-12. (See example at right. When game is played, children will place eggs in the correct slot.)

2. Gather all the eggs into a big container and scatter them over a wide area like a yard, field, or gym. Give each child an egg carton to keep at a designated "base" such as a line on the gym or playground or a back porch at home.

3. When you say "go," each child must run out to the scattered eggs, pick up ONE egg, and bring it back to his/her egg carton, placing the egg in the hole with the corresponding number. When the egg has been placed, the child races back to the grass for another egg.

4. If a child picks up an egg that he already has (i.e. he brought a "5" back to his egg carton but he already has a "5"), he must return the extra egg to the playing field and get another one.

This could be a competition, but you could also say that friends could help one another if they fill their egg carton. My preKers (ages 4-6) played this today and loved it. They were TIRED by the time they finished.

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  1. Teaching math with figures and images could really help. I used this technique with my kids. Montessori Activities


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