Monday, December 30, 2013

The Top 10 Posts of 2013

It's fascinating to look back over the past year and find the most frequently read posts. Here they are, in reverse order, for 2013...

Oh, but wait!

Do me a favor? Sometimes I'm at a loss to know what my readers are interested in, despite the "top posts." I'd like to know you better. Are you a classroom teacher? Homeschooler? Teaching elementary school? Math class? Please take a sec to complete this survey. It's painless. And I won't sell it to a corporation in a faraway land. I just want to know a bit more about YOU. Thank you. And thank you for being a blog reader.

Now, drumroll please...

The Top Ten Posts for 2013 are...

10. Skittles Fractions, Estimation, and Graphing

9. Descriptive Poetry & Tissue Painting: 5-Sense Your Poetry Lessons!

8. Teaching Math...What I Wish I'd Known..

7. Kids Create Subitizing Cards

6. Book Review: The Boy Who Loved Math

5. Finding Area of Parallelograms with the Geoboard (free online & App)

4. Vacation Workstation...a Brain Playground

3. How to Make Teacher Docs: Backgrounds

2. 101 Ways to Make Book Reports Fun

1. Rethinking Multiplication Fact Memorization

And the top post of the year (yeah, I can't count) is...


Happy New Year, all!!

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