Monday, December 2, 2013

Math Monday Blog Hop: Real Life Math

Think about the last 24 hours. When have you used math?
  • driving?
  • grocery store?
  • checkbook balancing?
  • weighing fruits or vegetables?
  • cooking?
  • sewing?
  • construction?
  • cleaning? do you take those real life experiences and integrate them into math lessons? Post ideas below (no ads, please.)

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  1. Thank you for hosting, Cindy. I've been looking forward to this week's hop for a while!

    1. Lucinda, I'm so glad you're participating. But so far, I haven't been able to use your link above. Is it working for you?

    2. Sorry Cindy, there was a problem with my blog host earlier. Resolved now, thankfully. I set a reminder to join in this week's hop a while ago when I saw the title, but now I'm not certain my post qualifies. Do feel free to delete it! :-)


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