Thursday, July 4, 2013

Navigating Early: Pi in July!

It's rare to find a chapter book that skillfully weaves a math concept into story, but you'll find that and more in Clare Vanderpool's new book, Navigating Early.
After his mother's death, Jack finds himself suddenly enrolled in a private boys' school and meets Early*, an orphan on a quest to find his older brother, believed to have died in a WWII battle. The boys follow a trail mapped by a fantastical tale based on the colors and images that Early sees in the numbers of the sequence in pi.
*Although not explicitly labeled in the story, the author's notes explain that, "By our standards today, Early might be diagnosed with a high-functioning form of autism."

The boy's pi  journey includes adventure sure to captivate: pirates, skeletons, kidnappers, mysterious deaths, a stolen gun, and more. It will, IMO, probably be made into a movie someday!

I finished reading it last week and immediately took it up as a read aloud for my 10yo son. Don't miss it. You'll also find more math-related children's books on the gigantic list.

Note: The author shares about the origins of the story on her website.

Disclosure:  Any purchases made through the Amazon link will result in a small commission (at no cost to you) which will be given to Grace and Hope, providing foster care for children in China. Thanks!
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