Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Skittles Riddles

Ever since my students had so much fun with Skittles Fractions, Estimation, and Graphing, I've been on a Skittles math alert. When I saw that our library had Skittles Riddles Math, I had to check it out. Literally.

The book uses visual models to look at a variety of math concepts: greater than/less than, addition/subtraction, negative numbers (negative numbers with Skittles are NOT a good thing!), pie graphs, fractions, etc.

Although the book is recently out-of-print, it's easily found in libraries and is still pretty inexpensive online. If you're doing Skittles Fractions, Estimation, and Graphing, it'd be a great addition to your lesson. Using the activities in a math center? Just add the book to the center area.

In the process of researching the book, I accidentally ran across another Skittles resource. Have you seen Skittles Riddles? The candy? Apparently, Skittles has a product called "Skittles Riddles" in which the color of the candy doesn't match the flavor. I'd love to find a supply for another math lesson. Kids could make their own questions and predictions. What percent of the green candies taste like each of the other flavors? Are they consistent? Do they colors and flavors ever match? If so, what percentage of the time? The mathematical questions and possibilities are endless. If you see them anywhere, let me know what stores to check! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing. We currently have MnM and Cheerios math books and my girls love them. I'll have to grab this one too!

    1. Cause what's better than edible manipulatives?!! :)


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