Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Portfolder Proud: Northwest Passage Explorers (more photos!)

**Added a bunch of new photos. So proud of this group...hope you'll indulge a repost! :)

We've been studying the explorers who searched the Pacific Coast for a Northwest Passage. A few highlights included:
  • the NW Passage game
  • the NW Passage song
  • the trial of Francis Drake
  • letters to (and from) Queen Elizabeth
  • NW Passage timelines & book with Drake, Heceta, Cook, Gray, and Vancouver
  • sailors and scurvy (aye, we need sauerkraut!)
  • the sea otter/fur trader game
We culminated with Portfolders. Here are a few to share...
As I receive parental permission to post photos I will add more**, so check back if you are interested in seeing additional examples! ;)

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