Friday, November 26, 2010

Math Toys, Gifts and Games

In anticipation of the holidays (and CyberMonday!), I'll be posting gift ideas this weekend...math games and activities that feel like way too much fun to contain real learning! If you use workboxes, these would be great additions!

If you order from Amazon, all commissions go toward foster care through Grace and Hope (who sponsored my son's foster care in China...making a HUGE difference in his life!!!) at no additional cost to you. THANK YOU!
Question in Comments: What if I want something from Amazon that is NOT on the list? 

Answer: If you click on any of the links below or enter through the Amazon link on the right side of my home page, everything you do is credited toward Grace and Hope even if you don't order what I recommend. As long as you enter through this site, everything you do in that transaction is covered. All toward Grace and Hope! I'm hoping to earn them enough to put one additional child in foster care for one year!
Tune in! (and feel free to submit ideas by emailing love 2 learn 2 day @ gmail dot com)

Pop Quiz Math Clock :)
Look at the list of math-related children's books!

* Blokus (great geometric/spatial game!)
* Blink
* Mythmatical Battles
* Othello Game
* Think and Jump
* Tri-Ominoes
* Sleeping Queens Game (Got this in August and played it DAILY til we lost too many cards. Am getting another copy for Christmas!)
* Zeus on the Loose (Review to come! Great math game my son got for his birthday!)
* Frog Juice (with a "smidgen of math and a pinch of probability," our kids are getting this for Christmas!)
* Rat-a-Tat-Cat (we bought for Christmas)
* Rush Hour
* Rush Hour Jr.
* Chocolate Fix
* Math Dice
* Math Dice Jr.
* Clever Castle
* Qwirkle

* Metaforms (on my wish list)
* Zoologic

* Inchimals

* Monkey Pod Tangrams 
* Sudoku Jr. (magnetic w/ movable numbers)
* ThinkFun Sudoku 5x5 (magnetic w/ movable tokens)

Toys and Construction:
* Frigits Deluxe Marble Roll(most played with game from last Xmas)
* Equilibrio, Architecto, Clicko (geometry building activities-very popular at our house!)
* Polydrons
* Quadrilla Marble Railway (granddaddy of marble rolls-wooden to construct)
* Tegu Blocks (wooden blocks with magnetic components)
* Citi Blocks (on our Christmas list after seeing our friend's set!)
* Reptangles

Math DVDs:
* The Story of One
* Donald in Mathmagic Land
* Multiplication Rock
* Flatland, the Movie

* Mathtacular by Justin Holzmann of Sonlight (I've not seen but has great reviews.)
* The Story of Math (I've not seen but has great reviews.)

Stocking Stuffer Gift Sets! (Mostly homemade!)
* Make Milk Cap Magic Square Game and pair w/ Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares book

Disclaimer: to date, I have no affiliation with anything listed on this page. If I receive a review copy, I will state it in the original post. In most cases I just like the product and want to share things I've found and enjoyed. If you order from Amazon, all commissions go toward foster care through Grace and Hope at no additional cost to you. THANK YOU!


  1. What a wonderful list! Awesome about Amazon, however I have a question, if I buy something not on that list is there a way for Grace & Hope to get honored? Thanks!

  2. @ The Arrowood Zoo...THANK YOU for the question. I'll answer in the post! :)

  3. We love citiblocs at our house! And frigits is in a box waiting to be opened at Christmas.

  4. Ooooh, I love it all! Thankyou so much for compiling this list.

  5. Terrific ideas. Even though my list for this year is full, I bookmarked this post for future gift giving ideas.

  6. Thank you, everybody!!! It's so exciting to see the funds collect for Grace and Hope. I HOPE to earn enough in a calendar year to fully fund one child in foster care! :)

  7. Awesome list! I have heard great things about Blokus and Qwirkle, and the Quadrilla Marble Run is on our list of "must haves!"


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