Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Polygon Play! (Geometry Class #4, Fall 2010)

Time for some more polygon play...wanna play along?

I made a pdf (print it, free!) to review the terms for the number of sides of various polygons.

1. Print the sheet on white cardstock, one per person.

2. Have each child take a red crayon or colored pencil. As you say (or draw) the number of sides, they lightly color the rectangle with that term. Example: "Color in the word that means a 4 sided polygon." [Color in "quadrilateral."] After you've gotten through the first 8 terms on the sheet...
3. Now do the same thing in reverse. Have each child take a blue crayon or colored pencil. As you say one of the terms from the top of the page (already colored in red), they color in the card with that number of sides using blue. Example: "Color in the number of sides on an octagon." [Color in "8 sides."] Now everything should be colored in except the last two terms.

4. Do students know what "regular" vs. "irregular" polygons are? Review. If they don't, look here. Color the regular/irregular cards green.

5. Cut out cards.

6. Mix up cards. Match corresponding red and blue cards.

Greedy Triangle (Scholastic Bookshelf)As you read the book, The Greedy Triangle, ask students to lay out the red and blue cards that match the polygon on each page.

Give children some popsicle sticks. Tell them to lay out the "triangle"  and "regular" cards. Ask them to make a polygon with those criteria. What do students notice about their polygons? Are they alike? Different?

 Ask them to lay out the "quadrilateral" and "irregular" cards. Make a polygon. Are their figures the same?

Ask students to set aside all cards except the following: triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, regular and irregular. Each child should select one card of each color (red and green) and lay it out in front of him. (Use the blue cards as needed if kids need reinforcement to recall how many sides are on each polygon.)
This is one awesome irregular pentagon. Dude!

Now, have kids switch places and build a polygon based on the cards at his new spot. Rotate around the table, placing cards, building, and checking polygons.

See our first Polygon Play session here
Look, Ma! Another irregular pentagon!

Captain, we are ready for irregular triangle takeoff!
Whoa. Irregular quadrilaterals are too cool for words.
P.S. The content in this post has been heavily influenced by Bridges lessons. Love them! :)

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