Monday, July 19, 2010

Tri-Ominoes (Addition/Subtraction Game)

Tri-Ominoes, a game played similar to dominoes, provides addition and subtraction practice. When players lay a piece, they must add the three numbers on the triominoe as well as keep track of their total points. Since the game is played until someone reaches 400, it provides a lot of practice in adding and subtracting. (The subtracting comes in when a player must draw a triominoe...a loss of 5 points for each that must be drawn.) Bonus points are awarded for unique configurations of triangles, such as completing a hexagon.

We bought this game this weekend and kids ages 7-14 as well as adults have been playing and enjoying it ever since. :)


  1. That is a very cool game. I need to invest in one!

  2. I have been reading your blog for a bit and really soaking up the math fun you have to share. I am homeschooling my only - age 6 - and have decided not to use a curriculum and simply go with a living math approach. Lots of math games, math literature, manipulatives, etc. We are loving it, and I am loving your blog for getting ideas.

  3. Hi, I am a homeschooling mother of 4 from Singapore and I really love your blog and all the ideas you share. Thank you!


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