Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frigits Marble Roll (Gift Idea #3)

We bought the Frigits Deluxe marble roll last Christmas. It's been a hit at our house with ages 3* and up...way up. (*This assumes the 3yo does NOT put things in his/her mouth. That would NOT be true of the child I caught in my son's preschool class this morning. I asked him what the lump was in his mouth and he guiltily spit out a marble. True story.)

I bought the marble roll thinking it would be a good exploratory learning tool prior to beginning our math lessons on "measurement with marbles." While it was great for that, it's also been used by numerous visitors (ages 3-adult), my teens, and...heheh...yes, even myself!

The set is magnetized and designed to stick to a refrigerator. My biggest worry prior to purchase was that the magnets wouldn't be strong enough to really stick well on the fridge. It's been a non-issue...the magnets are VERY strong and no part has ever fallen off. Some parts are more "little kid" (preschool) user friendly than others; to use the entire kit really takes some thought or cause/effect construction skills. My 8yo can use all the parts effectively but it takes some effort...effort he is willing to put in because the result is quite fun. We did not buy the Frigits Extension - Launcher or the Frigits Extension - Corners, but my son says "we should buy a bigger fridge so we can get them."

In order to keep the play interesting, I get this out for up to a month at a time and then take it down for a while. It continues to be a sought-after toy!

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Disclaimer: I bought my own set. Love it. Make nothing from my review unless you purchase one through Amazon, in which case a few cents commissions (at no cost to you) goes to Grace and Hope to provide foster care in China (see link in banner at top).

P.S. This would make a great math/science workbox activity! :)

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