Thursday, June 13, 2013

Top 5 Posts of the Month: Summer Ideas Galore!

Since school is winding down for most of you (and the kids are winding up??), I'm following the lead of Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and posting some ideas for summer blog reading (and summer kid entertaining.) The following Top 5 Posts garnered the most visits during the past month and are perfect to inspire summer learning! Starting with #5...

#5: Visual Models Make the Math! - Yesterday, I went to a local used curriculum sale (drool!), and found a kit designed to teach educators about the importance of math manipulatives. Who'da thunk? It reminded me of this post and the comments/discussion that followed.

#4: Milk Cap Math: MADS Elimination - I created this math game--one of my most frequently pinned posts--using nothing more than dice and recycled milk caps. Gather your milk caps and set the kids to play all summer long! (And pat yourself on the back for sneaking in some math practice!)

#3: Fraction Relationships on the Geoboard App - Summer is a great time to explore the educational possibilities using apps, both online and electronic device versions. I love the *free* geoboard app for its fraction possibilities; play now, put in use this school year!

#2: Vacation Workstation...a Brain Playground - Looking for a way to keep kids' brains active this summer using a simple file folder and a few handouts? Some of my students are busy using theirs. I heard the Book Bingo got a thumbs-up (already with some crossed-out spaces!)  and Monopoly already earned them credit toward Math Blackout. And here's a new find to add: this great set of grade level booklists. I printed them today to add to my boys' workstations.

#1 Most Popular! : Math Game List for Teachers and Parents - Carting home new, used (!) games from curriculum sales and garage sales? Have piles of games already sitting on your shelf? Grab this list to start thinking about how common games address math concepts and gather the kids to play!

And I can't leave out the #1 most popular PAGE, now pinned over 152,000 times...which beat the top post by more than 10x...

Drum Roll, Please...

Math in Children's Literature: THE LIST - I continually update this list of math-related children's literature. (After a curriculum sale like yesterday, I have a new stack of titles to add!) Great for summer reading, both for kids and educators. Enjoy and HAPPY READING!


  1. I'm adding the milk cap Mads to our summer fun! Thanks for the reminder about all these great posts.

    1. I don't know how you're coming up with one idea/day. I love your summer series!! :)

  2. Anna brought your list of math games in her summer packet from school - you are popular :)

    1. I seriously LOLed when I read this...the first anyone has shared with me. You seriously made my day! ;)


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