Monday, June 3, 2013

Math Monday Blog Hop Announcement & Poll

Math Monday Blog Hop is going on summer break. (I apologize to those of you waaaayyy down south. Consider it your winter break!) After hopping around the garden all summer, the hop will be back in the fall, all set for a new school year.  (BTW...I'm not going on break...just the hop! I'd have a really hard time staying quiet for a whole summer!)

I'm considering a change in format...perhaps setting a calendar with a new math concept each week. This would run through the fall and bloggers could add to each week--by concept--as they create new entries. Therefore, blog hops would stay open for weeks, allowing for entries over a longer period of time. Readers could go straight to the week/concept they would like to explore. Here's a sample:

1st week Sept: geometry
2nd week Sept: subitizing
3rd week Sept: time
(just examples, nothing set in stone!)

I'd love some feedback. Visit the poll below to chime in. Feel free to comment below as well. Thank you!


  1. Have a wonderful summer break! And thank you for all the work you put into your blog--I am sorry I do not comment often, but I have been so inspired by reading things you post on here, and my daughter is having a much more positive math experience because of it!!! Looking forward to more in the Fall!

    1. Wow, Quiltbug...that is a huge compliment!!! Thank you so much!

      And know that the blog will continue this summer*...just giving the hop a break since there won't be as many teaching ideas posted on blogs during the summer.

      *It'd be hard for me to be quiet THAT LONG! :)

      You have a great summer too!

  2. Cindy, I really like the idea of themed blog hops. I think it'd be a terrific opportunity to explore math ideas that otherwise might go unnoticed. Thank you for continuing with the Math Mondays!

  3. I voted "couldn't care less", but that sounds so negative! What I really mean is, I think either choice will be fine, so do what you want. :)

  4. I think it would help with those who just plaster on a link and run so to speak. You might get more targeted posts. You might though have less linking if people don't have a specific post for a specific topic. Another thing to think about would be to have them by grade level? Although kids are always at different levels, but that way all the people who should kinda be working on the same types of things will be grouping around the same linky? Possibly? I know I teach lower el kids right now and I don't like trying to plow through a bunch of posts about (and I'm not saying this is a problem with your linky just some of the bigger ones I notice it a lot) things that aren't applicable to my class right now. Or maybe if you had your topics people could also put down what grade range it was for? Can't wait to see what you've got cooking. I can't BELIEVE summer is already for all intents and purposes over. Gotta get off the internet and finish with my organizing of the classroom or it won't get done.


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