Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snap Cubes: Odd & Even Patterns

Inspired by this video:

...we decided to do a little more Snap Cube work with patterns.

 I made a couple of growing patterns modeled after those in the video and asked my son what he noticed. He identified the patterns as counting by odd and even numbers. Then we  played around to see what we could do with the pieces.
While I made patterns, he cleverly wrote his name in snap cubes. Who knew there were so many uses for math blocks? ;)


  1. I seriously want to buy snap cubes now - all these activities look so interesting!

  2. Totally ironic, huh? I seriously pulled them out of my garage sale pile to do all these lessons.

    Story of my life. I can't get rid of anything! ;)

  3. Yep I'm gonna buy some too. I threw out similiar products with missing pieces- wish I hadn't now.


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