Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is This Disturbing? (Math is Everywhere!)

Not long ago, my 8yo told me that when he can't sleep at night he watches the clock to find math problems. In the kitchen today he pointed out what he meant. "Look Mom! 10-4=6!" I wonder if I should be concerned??? :)

Do your kids find math in odd places?

On another note, he made his own lesson extension on doubling. He said he wanted to earn money and I should let him do a problem to see if 5 cents a day doubled for a week is more than $3. I laughed. He did it anyway. And proceeded to ask me for $6.35. I laughed some more.

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  1. That's hilarious! Nope, not disturbing....I'd love to have my kids do those things :)


  2. That's funny! Of COURSE you should be concerned. Jerk all math from that boy immediately! ;D Actually, that's really cool. My middle boy tells me how things relate to math. He frequently comes up with things I've never thought of before.

  3. That's awesome! I think children's minds are naturally flexible. Too funny on the doubling.

  4. I just love it when the kids take off like this. No math obsession here yet, but I think it's pretty neat that your son finds math problems in the clock.

  5. That's fantastic.
    I have a son like that too.
    This is what he told us one morning while having breakfast:
    - Mom, do you know that each gram of cereal costs 1 cent of euro???

    I can't think like that early in the morning.
    But yes, on the bag of cereals you could see that the cereals costed 3,75 euros and had 375 grams. So that makes each gram costing 1 cent........
    Early maths ;)
    I love it when they do that.

  6. That is so funny! My youngest daughter has the same issue with the digital clock in her room at night! She was actually upset about, because she was having trouble getting to sleep, so we've unplugged it for a bit :)

  7. hahaha! nothing to be concerned about. I do it all the time! ;)



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