Monday, October 11, 2010

Schoolroom Organization

You'll recall that I asked for advice on schoolroom furniture/organization. We emptied the room to install hardwood floor and I've been very reluctant to bring back the huge mishmash of storage (bookshelves of all shapes and sizes, crates, bins, etc) that we've used in the past. This weekend, my sis-in-law was visiting and had a wonderful idea. She suggested we empty the coat closet adjacent to the room, move the coat storage to the garage, and use the closet for school supplies...particularly the jumble of stuff that's really an eyesore.

We saved shelving from a past remodel, so this is our no-cost result:

It's such a relief to finally have all that stuff nearby and in ONE location!

Feel free to post comments linking to photos of your schoolroom! I'd love to "visit."


  1. Very nice! We have stuff all over to, organized but in different places. On my homeschool blog I did a post on organizing the boys games/toys where there are lots of pieces or parts.

    This is only some of the school stuff, I of course have book shelves with books and then the paper and disposable supplies in a tub. Not all together like yours!

  2. Here is our schoolroom!
    Although it doesn't look quite this clean after six weeks of school!
    I love your blog!!!

  3. Well done you finally found a solution that works.


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