Monday, October 18, 2010

Make Your Own Probability Pouch

You've been awake nights, waiting to know what this crazy fabric is for, right? I used it to make a "Probability Pouch" ...aka...something to hold my probability game tokens**. (I used to use paper bags, but by the time the experiment was over, kids would inadvertently learn what was in the the pieces started falling out the holes!) Want to make your own? Here's how...

 Find a really ugly piece of fabric that you cannot see through. If it has dice and playing cards on it, all the better. :) Cut a piece of fabric approximately 12" (width) by 10" (length). This isn't an exact science, so approximates are fine!

Turn over the top 1/4", twice, and stitch to finish the top edge. The left photo shows the back side (wrong side) of the fabric with the top edge finished.
About 2" from the top edge, you will stitch a piece of 1/4" elastic. If you've worked with elastic before, this is easy. If not, there's always time to learn...and this is a great learning project.

I anchor the elastic on the left seam, looking at the wrong side of the fabric. I backstitch several time to anchor. Then I turn the stitch to a slight zigzag and pull the elastic as tight as I can get it while the fabric itself remains smooth and flat. As you sew, the elastic starts to gather the material.
 When the elastic has been sewn all the way across the material, you have a piece of fabric that looks like the one at left.
 Turn the fabric so that the right sides are together, raw edges at right. Stitch the raw edge down the right side and across the bottom.
When you're done, it will look like the photo at left. If you want to make sure the fabric doesn't unravel, use a pinking shears to cut along the raw edge, being careful not to cut into your seam.

You now have a "Probability Pouch" or cute little bag in which to put your probability game tokens. **Soon I'll show you how to put the bag to good use! ;) You can enter to win one, too!


  1. So adorable. Love the fabric and what a great tutorial!

  2. ooo, i really like that. great idea. wish i could sew lol.


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