Monday, October 18, 2010

Fabric...Freaky or Fabulous??? (While on a Whoopie Pie High...)

Amazed, aren't you? Jealous, perhaps? Don't you wish you had a bolt of this fabric to make into a gorgeous new skirt? Perhaps a shawl for poker night?


Or are you just flabbergasted that anyone was dumb enough to spend money on it?

I picked up 2 yards. 2 bucks. Later this week, I'll show you what I made. For math. (You'll be able to make one, too!)

(You might be even more amused to learn that I purchased this disgusting, amazing, lurid fabric at a Mennonite Auction for world relief. I think I was the only Mennonite who picked it up. I figured if anyone asked, I could tell them the sugar from the Whoopie Pies was getting to me.)


Thank you for leaving me a message. I love comments almost as much as I love chocolate! And I do LOVE chocolate. :)

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