Saturday, October 23, 2010

Math Poems

Someone posted on the Sonlight Forum to say that her sister/nieces had written some math poetry. I wrote to the author, Belinda, and got permission to share them.  I think they're fantastic!!! ;)

Rectangle got butted by a ram
And now he's a parallelogram

Headless triangle gets annoyed
When everyone calls him trapezoid

A square that gets caught in a wind gust
Directly turns into a rhombus

Rectangular prism gets the blues
When people use him as a box for shoes

Aren't they awesome?!!!! Try making up some of your own. Illustrate them! And explore more MATH POETRY ideas.


  1. Great, practical post! You made the lesson clear, succinct and fun. I'm grabbing that Anno book off our shelf right now...


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