Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walking & Talking Math in Your Sleep

Remember how we love Mythmatical Battles? Well, I'd better love it a LOT because my 7yo student just discovered it and wants to play it ALL. THE. TIME.!!! How much does he love it? He's dreaming about it.

He is my sleepwalker. Last night, after playing a round of M.B. with Dad, I found him wandering down the hallway, fingers rubbing against his blankie as he murmured,

"Look how powerful our defense is!"

I cannot make these things up. If you want a chance to win a game and have children in your household sleepwalking and uttering things about "defense powers," join the Mythmatical Battles giveaway.

Disclaimer: I make no money off Mythmatical Battles (unless you buy a set off Amazon, in which case Grace and Hope gets a couple cents.) I just like them. Or I did until I was asked to play it 39,000 times a day. But 7yo student suddenly knows a bunch of multiplication. And we haven't even started studying that yet!

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