Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Organizing Children's Math Books

Warning: If you relate to this post there is a very good chance that you are:
A. A math nerd.
B. A children's bookaholic.
C. A homeschooler.
D. A teacher.
E. Broke.
F. Any assortment of A-E.
You know you need to organize your collection of children's math books when:
A. You've purchased three or more copies of the same title by accident.
B. You find the PERFECT book to go with a math unit...on the shelf...two months AFTER finishing the unit.
C. You either have to get rid of (or organize) books or you have to get rid of some kids.
As I've mentioned, I'm excitedly preparing to teach a class on children's literature and math. In preparation, I'm creating bibliographies, checking books out from the library, and buying, buying, buying. In the meantime, I'm teaching and trying to find the best book to go with each lesson. It's been a tad frustrating. It was either add onto the house or organize.

My husband went with "organize."

While I did have dedicated math shelves, I still couldn't easily find things. So, I took everything down and started categorizing... Here's the start...

Categorizing was a bit frustrating. A lot of books fit more than one mathematical strand...or they are in a class by themselves and fit none. But I managed to put them into categories that I thought I could sustain.

Then, I recycled some cardstock to make labeled dividers. So far, I'm happy. It's making it much easier to create the massive bibliography (which I will post soon.) :) Once the bibliography is complete, I will highlight the books that I own and carry a copy in my purse to make book hunting a bit easier.

Then, perhaps I'll be able to keep the kids. And the husband.

Assuming you are also a book nerd, I'd love to see your organization ideas! Post thoughts and links to blogs (hopefully with photos!) in the comments section.

Living Math


  1. I am "all of the above"! I need to do this with ALL of my books, not just my living math ones. Thanks for showing me it can be done! Now I just need a huge block of time and some hefty motivation/incentive. I wonder how I can bribe myself? :)

  2. With the promise of a new book???? ;)

  3. I really like the dividers idea. I so need to organize our books! (And I can't wait to read your full bibliography to add even more to our shelves!) :-)

  4. Very nice. I don't have that big of a selection of math books. I'll be eagerly awaiting your bibliography:)


  5. So funny! I am just getting started and have not collected that many books, yet. We mostly check out from the library...tiny house. I will look forward to seeing your bibliography, as well.

  6. The bibliography is in the tabs at the top of the page. :)

  7. Hi!
    I did the same thing last summer. I had many books that were not being used because it was lost in bookshelf land. My solution was to put everything into themed containers. I can grab the container and all the books I have for that theme/concept are included. Here is a link to a picture at my blog.




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