Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lesson Pathways - Free, See it to Believe it!

Are you a homeschooler? A teacher? Have you seen Lesson Pathways? Wow.

You join the website for free. Upon joining, you have access to "pathways" in every subject (science, history, reading/phonics, language arts, math), grades K-5. Let's say you are looking for a curricular pathway for first grade history. You go to that pathway and then access 36 weeks worth of lesson plans and links. Tons of hands-on projects, links to readings, games, and videos... Here's a summary from the site:
3859702737_28fee765b1_o.gif    A Guided Journey is a 36 week learning plan in one of the core subject areas, for a specific year or grade level (ie. Year 1 Science).  A Guided Journey is made of individual Pathways. You may follow our recommended Guided Journeys or mix and match Pathways to create your own 36 week course.
3859702721_abc30f9696_o.gif    A Pathway is a single unit on a given topic. (ie. Animal Life Cycles)  Each Pathway contains content for one week of instruction, depending on how often you teach a given subject.  Each Pathway is made of multiple Stepping Stones.
Stepping Stones Large.gif    A Stepping Stone is a single resource.  This may be a lesson, video, worksheet, hands-on project, ebook, online game, or other activity.  (ie. Create a Spider Life Cycle Poster). Multiple Stepping Stones make up a Pathway.
They are doing this for free with the hopes that revenue will come from ad related links. I am very impressed with the navigation/layout and am amazed that this is all available for free. The site allows you to customize the pathways using a planner that's also free on the site. You can add multiple students with individual planners for each. Totally flexible. Lots of hands-on, "living" material. Seriously, check this out. You have to see it to believe it!


  1. Thank you for your post on Living Math. It is indeed a wonderful resource.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about!

    I hope to 'see' you around our blog, Facebook Fan Page and User Forums!

    -Christina S. Team Member

  3. I'm coming in through the link on Living Math as well! Thank you so much! I'm also now following you! :)


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