Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Portfolder - Farm Unit

We wrapped up our farm unit today by making a Portfolder, characterized by the following:
  • made from poster board
  • show student thinking from beginning (What do I know about my subject? What do I want to know about my subject?) to end (What have I learned?) of any given unit of study
  • filled with students' comments and reflections about what they've learned
  • photos show children actively learning
  • include book/materials list of resources used during the unit
  • cover reflects original student artwork
  • charts, graphs, timelines and other graphic organizers are kid-generated
  • layout is determined by the child

Today, my student did the layout and paste-up for his farm portfolder. [Cover photo, left.] Since the portfolder is intended to show the learning process, he wrote in little dialogue bubbles, describing various activities and lessons from the unit. He also took time to reflect on learning: what was the most fun, what proved to be the greatest challenge, etc. This became an interesting point of conversation when the assignment that was the most fun was also the part that gave him the biggest challenge. (Little Red Hen book) It was great to be able to note that challenges can be quite fun!

When a Portfolder is finished, it's time to celebrate and share learning with others. Tonight he shared the contents with Dad and siblings. Tomorrow with grandparents. And, perhaps a celebratory lunch?

Here are several views of the finished Portfolder. It's impossible to show the fronts/backs of the numerous flaps, but you'll get the general idea.

Open to first section:

Open to second section:

Closed, back cover:

The beauty of a Portfolder? He'll return to look at his work again and again, reviewing and sharing with others in the process.

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