Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teaching Math: A Video Library

Want to improve your teaching skills? If you're looking for on-line videos that demonstrate great math teaching in action, these are for you! In most cases, you can observe the lesson and then replicate it for your own kids. Really worthwhile stuff!

Teaching Math: A Video Library, K-4
From the site: "See how the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards are used in elementary classrooms across America. Elementary teachers tap the excitement and energy of children from kindergarten through grade 4 as they solve problems, learn to make connections between concepts, and communicate and reason mathematically. Teaching Math K-4 documents effective teaching and learning in many schools: small, large, rural, suburban, and inner-city." Support materials for lessons are found here.

Teaching Math: A Video Library, 5-8
From the site: "See real middle school teachers incorporating the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards into their lessons, while learning as much about teaching as their students do about math. The programs demonstrate how teachers guide and assess student understanding, and offer strategies for keeping students motivated and engaged at this critical age." Support materials for lessons here.

Teaching Math: A Video Library, 9-12
From the site: "See how high school teachers use the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards and group learning to reach a broad range of students. In this library, teachers demonstrate the fine art of guiding students through reasoning and problem solving. Students comment on the new way of learning, often expressing frustration as well as the sense of accomplishment they feel when working through problems with peers." Support materials here.

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