Thursday, November 21, 2013

Clock Fraction Flip Books

You know you have a hit when you demonstrate the new homework assignment and the class collectively says, "Oooooooh, COOL!"

Since we've been using clocks as a model for learning fractions, I thought it might be fun to make Flip this case, mini books in which fractions appear to move, getting either bigger or smaller (depending upon the order in which you compile the pages.)

The pdf comes with 3 pages of "clock friendly" fractions. (23 fractions with an extra blank one, just in case.) At right, you see several samples of Flip Book cards, colored by a student.  The assignment asks students to:
  1. Color each given fraction. The cards come with numbers and blank clocks.
  2. Cut out the cards.
  3. Sequence the cards. They are purposely printed out of order. The set includes equivalent fractions that must be placed sequentially.
  4. Staple into a Flip Book.
The pdf is FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers  and Teachers Notebook Stores. The pdf was revised on 11/25 to improve "flip quality." Grab your revision if you downloaded before then! ;) The clocks are now on the right side, so the opposite of what you see in the video below.

One of my students made a little stop action video to demonstrate...AKA, the "Separatists' evil clock plans..."

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