Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo Week in Review!

I managed to capture a few more photos than normal this week. Here's a little peek into my classes:

Class: Oregon History, Geography, and Writing*
Photo: One student's Oregon salt map with borders, cities, regions

*Note for Oregon teachers and homeschoolers: An extensive unit study on Oregon History, Geography, and Writing is scheduled for publishing later this spring.

Class: Oregon History, Geography, and Writing
Photo: Student working on a tissue painting to go with our Oregon poetry.

Class: Drawing FUNdamentals
Photo: Fourth grader's bird drawings following the E-Z drawing lesson from Roger Kukes' book, Drawing in the Classroom.  (THE greatest book, IMO, for teaching children to draw.)

Class: Kindergarten Math Club
Photo: Love this! :) The calendar shows the new January Calendar Grid for Bridges, Second Edition. We made number trees for each of the button pictures. Since the month was over, I removed all the number trees (on those blue pieces of paper), shuffled them, and had the kids match them to the pictures. This was hard work, but they were up for the challenge! ;)

Class: Math Club, Grades 4 & up
Video: This represents a high and a low...  I had the kids make videos using ScreenChomp on iPads to demonstrate what they know about the numbers in fractions. One group's uploaded fine. The other group's video got eaten by whatever technological monster currently hates me. Both groups worked so, so hard. I'm crushed that their hard work is floating somewhere in technology land...

And, last but not least, my husband brought home a printed copy of 101 Ways to Make Book Reports Fun. So thankful for all the help he gave me on that project!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful week of accomplishments! I absolutely love the salt dough map!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis! You've always been so good about loading photos from your school days. I thought I should try it. ;)


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