Thursday, February 28, 2013

In Case You Think Decimals Don't Matter...

Dear Very Large Government Agency,

I received your letter in the mail today. And no, I did not collect $3600 in royalties and therefore do not owe you back taxes. I have not made $3600 in royalties over the course of my entire life.

You referenced my employer's 109X as proof. Thankfully I have my own copy. It clearly states that I collected $36.00 in royalties. It seems that your computer...or your data entry person...or something (!)...misplaced a couple decimal places on the way to the bank.

I appreciate the error as I now have a great story to share with kids who fail to understand why decimals are such a big deal.

Rich in stories but not in royalties,

Clipart by MyCuteGraphics.


  1. Maybe the government agency won't get the point.

  2. Taking some time to catch up on blogs and this story made me chuckle! Love it!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I'm trying to chuckle about it. :)

    2. I'm featuring this on my Friday Fab 5 tomorrow! :) I would love if you would check it out!

    3. Just thought I would let you know I am featuring this on my Friday Fab 5 tomorrow! :)


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