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I'm indexing the blog by math standards. Just starting. Check back for updates.

Number and Operations

Addition Fact Games: Make Ten
Practice adding combinations to make 10 using a deck of playing cards.

Coupon: Math in the Moment!
Using a grocery ad to experience division.

Double Pennies for a Week or Take a Dollar?
Great extension for a paired reading of the books, One Grain of Rice and The King's Chessboard, two books that explore the concept of doubling. PDF included.

Fraction Creatures & Creative Writing
Read Picture Pie and explore fractions, art and creative writing in this fun lesson.

Math Workbox: Estimation
Use math task cards (pdfs) to explore estimation. Related books: Great Estimations and Greater Estimations. Related posts on estimation.

Milk Cap Map: MADS Elimination
Recycle milk caps to make this simple game and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

Milk Cap Map: Magic Square Game
Place milk caps in a 3 cap by 3 cap square, rearranging numbers so that the sum of any 3 caps (diagonal, column and row) equals 15. Related book: Ben Franklin and His Magic Squares

Picture Pie & Fraction/Art Lesson
Use Ed Emberley's Picture Pie, a circle drawing book, to spur fraction art.

Pumpkin Math
Read How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? where children estimate how many pumpkin seeds are in pumpkins of varying sizes, counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Sleeping Queens Game
Review of game that includes basic addition facts.

Review of game that uses addition & subtraction.

Using Paired Books to Explore Math Concepts: Doubling
Comparing One Grain of Rice and The King's Chessboard in a flip-flap book. Related books: The Rajah's Rice, Two of Everything, The 512 Ants on Sullivan Street.


Exploring Area with Pattern Blocks
Use pattern block puzzles to explore area. Related book: Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!

Data Analysis and Probability


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