Friday, February 7, 2014

Are You a Follower?

Announcement, announcement!!  Please read on if you are interested in knowing about products that I make (free and/or paid) and post in my teacher shops...

In the past year, I've climbed a rather steep learning curve, learning to make original products to share with my teacher & homeschooler friends. As my skills have improved, I've begun posting things more frequently.

Although I will continue to write about new products, I won't write about all of them, free or paid.  I just don't want to use that much blog time and space.'s what I'm going to do...

If you follow my teacher shops, you will be notified when I post new products, free or paid. New paid products will always be posted at a significant discount for the first couple days. Sales will also be advertised to store followers. To become a follower, just visit my stores here:

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Notebook

I hope that makes it easier for those who are interested to stay updated.

Thanks for following!

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