Friday, December 14, 2012

New TPT Freebie - Math, Lit, and Doubling

I'm thrilled to share my first, FREE, TPT product with you!

Math & Literature: Explore Doubling, uses two books, One Grain of Rice and The King's Chessboard, depicting a rich royalty figure who, feeling indebted to a commoner (a poor village girl, a wiseman), agrees to pay the "paltry sum" of a single grain of be doubled each day for a period of days (a month, the squares on a chessboard.) These "paired books" could be compared and contrasted to consider any number of concepts--character, setting, plot...and, yes, math!

The free download includes a template for a comparison flapbook as well as a problem solving worksheet in which students consider which is the better deal: one dollar, or a penny doubled each day for one week.

Please grab a copy! And thank you for looking!

Referenced Common Core State Standards: CCSS 4.OA.C.5, 4.MD.A, 4.NBT


  1. Thanks for putting that together! I downloaded it and we'll be sure and do it once I get the books.

    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for taking the time to comment! :) If you have a sec, let me know how you like it after you do the activities.


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