Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Technology: Making Connections

I'm cleaning. Ugh. Among other issues (like lacking organizational genes), I find it very hard to throw things out...especially items that I know *someone*  *somewhere*  would appreciate.(Sometimes those people exist only in my imagination.)

I came across an album of photos I took 20+ years ago when I was student teaching and directing a play at a high school 2000+ miles from my home. I didn't label the photos. Had no program, so no names. Hated, HATED, to throw them out. So I did a 15 second Facebook search, found the graduating class from that year. Emailed the site owner and asked if he wanted the photos to offer to classmates. He sure did! A pile of photos of long-ago highschoolers is now on their way to a new home.

Have an interesting story to share? :)

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