Sunday, January 23, 2011

Penguin-Filled Weekend (Penguins #2)

Left to babysit her little brothers while my husband and I took our older son to a basketball tournament, our daughter proved to be full of penguin pride. She made her little brothers penguin habitats, using materials out of the recycling bin:

Then she froze them a penguin ocean so the penguins could catch fish.

The boys have played with their penguins all weekend. They put them in a pile and take turns drawing to divvy up the penguins. They play, play, play. Then they put them all in a pile and do it all over again.

I read them some penguin books:
Tacky the Penguin

A Mother's Journey--a fascinating look at the mother's role while the father sits on the egg

Penguin (by Polly Dunbar)--the boys think this book is hilarious

The Emperor's Egg--love this reflection on what the father does to care for the baby penguin..."Can you imagine it? Standing around in the freezing cold with an egg on your feet for two whole months?" ...My 8yo ds kept asking when the dad eats. He was appalled to find out that he doesn't!

Yesterday my 8yo asked me whether Killer Whales eat penguins. We looked up their predators. It's been interesting to listen to the boys as they play. They're adding more and more "real life facts" to their play as they learn about penguins. ("A Killer Whale is going to get us!")

The boys watched Happy Feet last night (minus the scary parts.) We're all set to continue our study tomorrow! Hope you'll join us. :)


  1. Your daughter found perfect activities - I can imagine that two kids could have a wonderful time with this pretend play.

  2. So many great ideas, thanks for sharing! I had to buy this penguin toob once I saw it! I can't wait for it to get here!

  3. Great ideas.... what a fabby big sister!!
    We have enjoyed some play like this recently. We made a winter scene for all the winter animals and the kids enjoyed this for weeks on end!
    Thanks for sharing xx


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