Monday, January 10, 2011

Children's Math Book Review: Manga Math Mysteries Series

The Manga Math Mysteries are a new series of Manga cartoon books for grades 3-5 that look at math through the eyes of children attending Kung Fu School. I'm not that thrilled with them--probably because I'm not excited about any Manga/graphic novel cartoons--but my 8yo son enjoyed them, so I'll mention the series in case educators are looking for books that would especially appeal to the grade 3-5, cartoon-oriented child.

In the series you'll find:

#1 The Lost Key: A Mystery with Whole Numbers
#2 The Hundred-Dollar Robber: A Mystery with Money
#3 The Secret Ghost: A Mystery with Distance and Measurement
#4 The Kung Fu Puzzle: A Mystery with Time and Temperature
#5 The Ancient Formula: A Mystery with Fractions
#6 The Fishy Fountain: A Mystery with Multiplication
#7 The Book Bandit: A Mystery with Geometry
#8 The Runaway Puppy: A Mystery with Probability

While all are out in hardback, it looks like several are out in paperback and will continue to be released throughout 2011.

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