Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Little Farm-Day 5 & 6

The boys watched themselves on video this morning. Over and over and over. Then they wanted to perform. Again and again and again. No shortage on activity for a rainy morning around here. ;)

We're continuing with lessons in My Little Farm, buying sheep and goats to add to the pasture. My student calculated how much the animals, land, and fencing would cost him. He's beginning to explore perimeter as he figures how much fencing he needs for each animal pasture. The lesson comes with a fact sheet of cards you cut out naming characteristics of sheep and goats. He sorted them, pleased that he knew which facts go with which animals; we decided that he will quiz Daddy on them later tonight.

Tomorrow we'll head to the library to pick up a few more books on farm life. Which brings to mind a few favorite books with animals in starring roles...

My 4-year-old student is new to English. We've read a lot to him since he came home about 10 months ago. He loves most books. But he has two favorite series worth mentioning: Elephant/Piggie books by Mo Willems and the boy/dog/frog books by Mercer Mayer.

The Elephant/Piggie books (such as I Am Going, which the 4-year-old now recites) are easy readers with hilarious text/photos. It's not often I find myself laughing aloud at an early reader, but I do with these!

The boy/dog/frog books (such as One Frog Too Many) are wordless picture books with captivating story lines. Wordless picture books help children to become readers as they first understand the concept of a story (front to back, beginning/middle/end) and then build vocabulary and comprehension as they tell the story in their own words. The readers in my family enjoy these books just as much as the non-readers. Wordless picture books can also be used with older kids as a basis for creative writing.

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  1. Lunchtime!!!! I love those elephant/piggie books. They were the right books at the right time for my late-emergent reader.


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