Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Little Farm-Day 4, Part I

Day 4 of My Little Farm is taking several days because we're having so much fun going down rabbit trails...or should I say "goat trails?" We first read about goats and documented what we'd learned in a chart. After learning that a friend's goat gave birth to triplets, today we set off on a mini field trip to see the babies, less than a week old. We learned some things we didn't those little babies are very LOUD!

We discussed our visit and began writing. My industrious little pupil decided to add a attempt to add one of his new vocabulary words to his paper. He's been reading Charlotte's Web and recording each new word he notices, along with a definition and a brief sentence. Each night at the dinner table he captivates his older siblings by using words that they don't always know. (He's rather pleased about this!) So on his goat paragraph he wrote, "We went to Mary's house to look at goats. We went to see the triplet goat babies. The baby goats BAAAD unremitting for five seconds. They were running and jumping 30 minutes after they were born. The goats were cute." Any guesses as to what his new vocabulary word is? [Smile.] We'll map out our farm tomorrow.


  1. I am gratified to read your paragraph about the goat triplets. Do you think their mama is gratified to listen to her babies or does the unremitting noise drive her crazy? Can you tell who I am by my unremitting use of the word unremitting?

  2. I so miss the days of teaching like this. They were precious. Enjoy having them again!


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