Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Math in Real Life: Brownies for a CROWD!

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A month ago, my family attended an annual camp retreat. When I walked in the kitchen and saw this...

...I knew it was time for real life math. My sister, the baker, was in the process of preparing brownies for 150. Here's her recipe:

Thankfully, a computer program converts a standard brownie recipe to serve 150. But the question do you convert fractional parts of quarts, gallons, tablespoons, etc.? And what does that equal in portions that bakers are likely to find friendly? For example:
  • How many cups of cocoa power, sugar, and flour are needed?
  • How many sticks of butter?
In the kitchen, this chart is posted on a nearby cabinet. 

Using that chart, she made some delicious brownies! Can you figure out exactly how much of each ingredient she used?

What other "real life" math moments do you see in this activity?

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  1. YUUUUMMMMMMM-OOOO!!! I so want to be at your house right now!! Love this! Reminds me of when I worked in a bakery!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us this month!
    Mathematically yours!
    Jamie aka MissMathDork!


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