Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Art & Poetry: Winter Art from the Heart

I spent the morning with an incredible group of (almost 30!) second graders, creating winter scenes.

In preparation for their scenes--and for poetry writing--we brainstormed nouns, verbs, and adjectives that they might find in a book with the subject of "winter." They came up with fabulous lists.

I am tickled with how these turned out. On another day, they'll complete poems to go on the back of each winter scene. Here are a few to share...

Wisemen, angel, Mary & Joseph

Notice the "naughty" list?

Love the reindeer.

Wreaths on the fence are a nice touch.

So much detail. Love the colored birds.

Now THAT is an angel! (And what a Rudolph!)

Check out the Grinch!

Frozen comes to life! The kids started singing spontaneous carols--and the Frozen tunes--while they worked!

Penguin habitat!

Tree is all decorated.

Angel AND Santa!

Displays for a class of 30 kids takes up a lot of counter space! :)
You'll find the updated lesson here. (If you've already purchased it, please download your free revision with winter scenes.)

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