Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zero the Hero Giveaway! ...and a note from the author

After reviewing Zero the Hero, I asked the author, Joan Holub, to share how she came to write the book. She writes,
"Zero the Hero grew out of a visit I made to a classroom. The teacher was using the concept of zero as a hero to teach place-holding to her students. In other words, Zero is a hero because he enables us to count beyond the number nine. Without him, we'd be like the ancient Romans, unable to do much in the way of math operations.

I visualized Zero as an underdog math superhero, complete with cape. It took me years to actually finish writing this book about him. Lucky thing, because the timing was perfect. The manuscript hit my editor's desk just as she was working with a wonderful, bestselling artist named Tom Lichtenheld, who agreed to illustrate it.

The story teaches place-holding and arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction. It touches on stuff like rounding up and down, even and odd numbers--and the fact that the number eight looks like a snowman. But that's all secondary. Mainly, I just hope it's fun to read."
Joan has graciously offered to send one lucky winner a copy of Zero the Hero. Enter below. And pat yourself on the back for being a hero to your students!

Contest closed. Thank you for participating!

Winner is Cindy from Iowa. Her book is on the way!

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  1. I'd love a copy.

    I've had a tab open, thinking about buying it, ever since I read your review. But my son is past picture book age, and I'm not teaching any young ones, so I didn't feel like I had a good reason to spend the money on it. (And I buy way too many books.)

    1. Great, Sue! You entered through the portal above, I hope? I can't see who entered so I hope everyone who wants to is finding the entry area okay.

  2. I hadn't entered through the portal, because I hadn't seen it. I came back and saw it, and tried to enter, but it seemed to be stuck. Now it says done, so I guess I have entered the contest.

  3. I love this book (especially when I taught kindergarten and first grade.)
    Learn with ME in Grade Three

    1. It's awesome, isn't it? Has uses at so many different levels! :) Thanks for commenting.


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