Thursday, June 9, 2011

Words + Math + Seasons = Mathematickles!

Want to tickle your math bone? Try reading Mathematickles, a "collection of poems written in the form of mathematical problems and grouped according to seasonal themes." A few examples from the book:

crisp air
shadows tall
+ cat's thick coat
signs of fall

pumpkin - seeds + face = jack-o'-lantern

Using Betsy Franco's poems as models, today we wrote some of our own poems. We first composed these together:

cool air
birds sing
+ flower buds
signs of spring

hot weather
squirt gun
+ popsicle mustache
summer fun

To make the writing process more manageable for independent work, I set up a few templates.

For a poem describing a rainy day:

descriptive phrase
descriptive phrase that ends with ay
+ descriptive phrase
rainy day


descriptive phrase
descriptive phrase that ends with un
+ descriptive phrase
summer fun

Or poems to "solve"...

(tell what this equals)

This would be a great book and activity to explore descriptive writing, poetry, seasons or math symbols. It would also make a nice "welcome summer" lesson!


  1. I love discovering new books, thanks so much for sharing! I always go on a book shopping spree before the new school year. I'll add this to my list!

  2. This looks like it could be lots of fun! I just ordered the book. Thanks for sharing!

    Lights! Camera! Action!

  3. How fun! I just added that one to my Amazon wish list!

  4. I haven't been doing much homeschooling since we got back from vacation. But this book would be perfect to get into the swing of things again along with the button book. Thanks for recommending! I hope to begin doing math posts hopefully by July!

  5. Your "template" idea is SO getting into our writing lessons- genius!


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