Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inchworm, Inchworm...Measuring the Marigolds? Snow?

Today we're mostly measuring SNOW...a first for my little guy, home from China less than two years. But we also took a little time to measure with INCHWORMS.

We began by using the free lesson, "Making Inchworm Rulers" from "D2 Measurement: Length in U.S. Customary Units" found here. The lesson asked us to look at a ruler and identify what we knew about it. We then read a little bit about "inchworms," also included with the lesson. I couldn't resist taking a few moments to watch the classic Sesame Street version of the song, Inchworm. Then we listened and sung along with a class. (Wouldn't it be fun to do a puppet show for that song??)

My guys then made inchworm rulers (see lesson...note that you need to be careful in how your copy machine automatically reduces...I had to increase the % to get the inchworms the right size...a math lesson in and of itself!) We read Inchworm and a Half, which was a good extension for my 8yo who is interested in fractions. Then we read Inch by Inch and measured each animal using our inchworm rulers just as the inchworm in the book measured. Lastly, we are using the "Inchworm Ruler Record Sheet" (pdf included in the free lesson, linked above) to discover things around the house that are shorter than 1 foot, exactly 1 foot, and longer than 1 foot.

At the moment, they're back outside, measuring snow. :)


  1. We have a LOT of snow here! We're having a snowstorm today, in fact :0)

    We are starting a new weekly link-up on our blog to share favorite resources. I'd love to have you participate! Please check out if you might be interested. Thanks :0)

  2. I love the book Inchworm, and these are some nice activities to go with it. Thanks.

  3. My 8-year-old is learning about fractions as well. We just read Whole-y Cow--I'll have to show him Inchworm and a Half. We have a few Lionni books but haven't read Inch by Inch yet.

  4. I think Robbie will love these!! Thanks for sharing!


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