Monday, February 7, 2011

Children's Book Review: Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach

I randomly picked up Martina the Beautiful Cockroach at the library and immediately fell in love with the book. And since this story is all about finding true love, I thought I'd mention it before Valentine's Day.

Martina Josefina Catalina Cucaracha, the beautiful cockroach, is now 21 days old; old enough to "give her leg in marriage." (The book is filled with many humorous puns.) Her grandmother, Abuela, tells her to spill coffee on the shoes of each suitor. Why? The suitor will become angry and Martina will know what happens when he loses his temper. As she waits for the first suitor, she crosses her legs and crosses her legs and crosses her legs. (It's this kind of stuff that makes the story hilarious. I laughed out loud repeatedly as I read the book to my kids.) Martina is courted by a rooster (he's too "cocky" for her), a pig (who is too "boorish"), and a lizard (too cold-blooded.)

When Martina catches a glimpse of a mouse, she thinks he's the right one for her...only to be confirmed when he splashes coffee on her shoes FIRST. Why? He, too, has a Cuban grandmother.

Love, love, LOVE this book! I've read it over and over with my 8 and 4yo. It would also make a great dramatic reading (fun text, interspersed with Spanish phrases) or little play for some older kiddos.  :)


  1. We love this book too! It is definitely a fun one for read alouds.

  2. Thanks for joining WMCIR! I have to admit that I hate cockroaches and spiders. Reading spider books is already a stretch for me, but cockroaches are a deal breaker :)


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