Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ThinkFun: Block by Block (Holiday Deal!)

I'm still watching for last-minute Christmas deals. Here's one that I just noticed...again, the cheapest I've ever seen it. My 8yo son got ThinkFun: Block by Block for his birthday. It's a 3-D puzzle with small groups of cubes stuck together in a variety of shapes. You receive a deck of cards with puzzles to make using the cube formations. It's a challenging activity to work on spatial relationships. My 8yo found it too difficult. We've set it aside for the time being, but I am looking forward to using it in a couple years when it will be a good next step up from geoblocks and some of the other geometric puzzles we own. With it's own little carrying bag for the pieces and the deck of card puzzles, it would make an excellent math workbox for older kids...say 10- or 12- and up...or younger kids who are spatially gifted. One Amazon reviewer noted that it's also a good activity to try to solve as a group.

P.S. I also just noticed that Zeus on the Loose is really cheap today. We play that game with my 8yo a lot...good for simple addition/subtraction practice.

Disclaimer: to date, I have no affiliation with anything listed on this page. If you order from Amazon, all commissions go toward foster care through Grace and Hope at no additional cost to you. THANK YOU!

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