Friday, December 17, 2010

Music Review: Sing the Word

Sonlight Core 3 introduced us to the Sing the Word series. I LOVE IT.

Basically, a husband/wife team along with their four children have produced a series of songs taken directly from scripture. In Sonlight, the songs are used to help children memorize scripture. Having heard a lot of different "scripture memory" CDs, I really didn't expect much. But these songs are incredible! They are gorgeous. Uplifting. Musically complex. Stuff that *I* like to listen to just for the beauty of the music. You can hear song samples at the website.

Earlier this fall I wished aloud that written music was available so that my family could sing/play some of the songs at church. I went to the website yesterday and discovered that the music is available for download. And the CDs are 20% off for Christmas. I purchased some for school. I've never before encountered scripture memory materials of this high a quality. Highly recommended!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation or products for this review. I do not know the family personally. I just love the products and want to support this family in their endeavor...and tell you about the 20% off deal while it's still going on.

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