Monday, October 31, 2011

Graph Your Halloween Candy!

Quick repost from last year. Don't forget to graph! 

Jedi Master say...

"A good Jedi must always graph his Halloween candy before eating it. May the force be with you!!"

 Fastest graph, EVER! ;)

Jedi Masters need chocolate, too. Think the Jedi would notice if a piece of his graph disappeared? ;)


  1. Hee - nice to see someone else with this wonderful and weird tradition. We always make a candy graph.

  2. totally planned to do this tomorrow :D TFS!

  3. We did this tonight, Cindy, and it was awesome! Thanks for helping us turn surveying the candy into a math lesson!

  4. The Jedi picture is ADORABLE. And I love this activity. I'm so bummed that I forgot to ask my students to do this last night for extra credit!

  5. Now that's awesome! Very cool. My kids don't do Hallowween, but my classroom kids would've loved this.


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