Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Motivates People?

Watch this...and consider what it means to education...


  1. Impressive illustration! I read about this recently about the latest studies by Ed Deci showing people performed better in tasks like solving puzzles when they received no external rewards. It's consistent with how I felt. All my life, I've enjoyed doing volunteer work. What motivated me in going into teaching was not the money (obviously) but the intrinsic rewards that came with it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks
    love how that is animated, and love the message. I keep trying to force my kids less and let them play more. Hoping at least some of the required stuff will sink in without force? I have a long way to go though.

  3. Even though I read the book already, I enjoyed the animated "chalk talk". The question is "will the school change to accommodate this science?" Not likely!

  4. I loved this! What's the book?

    I believe that Monika Hardy is already trying to figure out how this is going to affect education!




  5. Wow that is great.....I am sharing it on my blog too, thanks for pointing it out.

    It's not hard to see how it would affect children as well, is it!


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