Sunday, August 29, 2010

Workboxes for the Organizationally Challenged

If you're a homeschooler, you've noticed the buzz about "workboxes."  Dead set against doing them (because I couldn't imagine EVER being organized enough to pull it off), I still seemed to keep migrating back to blogs showing photos of the system. Working. Effectively. Even with hopeless organizationally challenge folks like me.

So I'm trying it.

I'll explain my system soon. It's quite different from the velcro tag concept that others are using. I figured out that was too much work last night around 11pm. AFTER I'd already hand-cut and covered 24 number buttons with contact paper. I sat there staring at strips of velcro, wondering how I'd get them to stay on. I went to my email and found that my membership in a workbox forum has been approved. Upon visiting the site, the first post I read: "My velcro won't stay on!!!"

I bailed the velcro ship.

In upcoming weeks, my readers will probably be most interested in two of my workboxes:
  • Preschool Math
  • K-5 Math--with children's books, games, activities
More to come. Soon. After I find my way out from under all this velcro.


  1. What workbox forum? Send me an email if you prefer: thorns dot lily at gmail dot com. Thanks! I'm intrigued by your velcro solution!

  2. Funny you mention this...I printed out the "workboxes" and even laminated them...put sticky glue dots on them and placed all the little bits of cards for each day of the week and then decided to ditch them. It's much too stressful trying to keep up with this kind of schedule. I have to find another way...I like the idea of using actual boxes better! It's very Montessori.

  3. @Lily: the group is

    @Joyful Learner: I would never do this with a preschooler! But I like the idea of a slightly older child doing it...with major tweaks (to come!) But, yes, as you's the box part that most intrigues me. So I'll try it. TRY IT. ;)

  4. yes, our group is a great group to get lots of help and ideas and cant ever forget pics too. i am the owner, so come join and have fun. there are many versions of the wb system lol, all are wlecome. we call them modified workbox (wb)

  5. "K-5 Math--with children's books, games, activities"

    That's where I'm interested in! We are newbies still and I want to buy a maths story book, but don't know where to begin. I have the list you posted but have no idea where to begin. Basically I unschooled my kids literally and wish to start anew with the ground work. Foundation is my focus now. Can you suggest beginner books?


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