Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Hop '10

Welcome to my blog!!! (And thank you to Pensieve for hosting this year's blog hop!)

I am a wife, mother of five (ages 4-20, in public, private and homeschool!), and a curriculum consultant. I adore reading, writing, teaching and learning about math. When all those things don’t otherwise occupy me, I also enjoy jogging, gardening and listening to classical music.

Oh,...and I enjoy BLOGGING!!!!

I love to share teaching and learning ideas about math, especially for the K-6 set. Hope you can join me here! ;)

P.S. Check back each Saturday for a series on FREE, FUN! educational apps for the iPhone/iTouch/iPad.  (They aren't my apps, btw! I just find 'em and post 'em!) :)


  1. Sounds like you love math as much as I love science. :)

  2. Oh honey - I do love chocolate too! I'm right with you on the reading, the writing and the teaching. But the math - not so much! :)

  3. 1. I ADORE your header photo
    2. I'm completely with you on the love of math. :)

    You sound like you have a lot of interesting insight to offer!! So nice to meet you!

  4. As you can tell I came here from Blog-Hop 2010. That is an absolutely adorable picture at the top of your blog!!

  5. Nice to "meet" you. I too am participating in the BLog Hop. This is my first year. It is fun so far! I will have to come back and see the apps you have compiled. :)

    I have one child, a two year old toddler, but I am already thinking about homeschool curriculum for Preschool. ;)


    Long Wait For Isabella

  6. hello from the bloghop! Looking forward to your educational iTouch apps post... just realized that it is Saturday, I can probably find that post now! :)

  7. Just HOPPIN by,
    I'm #255 and thought I would say HI!

  8. I also love to share teaching and learning ideas about math.your blog and books gives wonderful information


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