Thursday, July 8, 2010

Math Snack (games and videos) FUN!!!

In researching iTouch/iPhone math game apps (blog post soon to come!), I ran across a gem. This site is SO COOL! Check it out...

Math Snacks are short animations and mini–games designed to help learners "get it". Each snack presents a mathematical concept, particularly those addressed in grades 6, 7 and 8. Ideal for use in a classroom or on your own, they can even be placed on mobile devices for "homework". The accompanying print materials can assist learners in applying their conceptual understanding to math problems.

If you visit the website, you'll find both learner and teacher guides to go with the apps.

Pearl Diver
I'm listing this one first because it's so nifty. In this game, available on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (FREE!) the "pearl diver" must swim to the bottom of the sea, while avoiding electronic eels. The "sea" is a number line with increasing levels of difficulty. I played with numberlines that included: 1-10, negative to positive numbers, fractions, etc. Very fun, interesting game for numberline skills practice and development of number sense. [play online or download for iPod]

Other Math Snacks that you can view online or download for iPod include:

Bad Date
This humorous animation visualizes the ratio of words spoken on a series of dates. [movie, view online or download for iPod, pdf learner/teacher guides]

Scale Ella
A crusading superhero clarifies and uses scale factor. [movie, view online or download for iPod]

Atlantean Dodgeball
Ratio errors confuse one of the coaches in an epic dodgeball tournament. [movie, view online or download for iPod, pdf learner/teacher guides]

Number Rights
A passionate activist clarifies equality on a number line. [movie, view online or download for iPod, pdf learner/teacher guides]

Rulers value proper units and proportional details. [movie, view online or download for iPod, pdf learner/teacher guides]

Visit again soon for a lengthy list of free math game apps for iTouch/iPhone.

Edited to add a note from Barbara at Math Snacks:

I'm so pleased you like Math Snacks! Over the next four years, we'll be adding more of them, so it is great knowing we've hit the right content and the right approach.

I love your blog. Thanks so much! I'm not sure how much you know about Math Snacks... currently available are 5 animations and one game. All are available to play and watch online on the website (, and on iTunes for download (for full screen video that could be downloaded, then would not require internet connection to play.) In addition, there are iPod/iPad versions of the game, Pearl Diver, as well as a video player which includes the available animations.

Math Snacks Video Player for iPad/iPod

Pearl Diver Game for iPhone

Pearl Diver Game for iPad

All animations (to download to iTunes)

We'll keep working, and hope to please you in the future, as well. Keep up the good work in identifying new learning approaches, and sharing them on your blog.



  1. Oh wow! I think i am going to have to wait for Verizon to offer the iPhone in January!

  2. Thanks for the great review. I downloaded the movies and the game to my Ipad and the kids loved them!


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