Monday, January 22, 2018

Multiples Practice with Puzzles...and Mythology!

Multiples can prove to be a challenge for students in grades 3-5. In fourth grade, we expect students to be able to determine whether a given whole number between 1-100 is a multiple of a one-digit number. Makes total sense, right? I mean, how hard could it be? Enter classroom...

Teacher: Morning, Johnny!

(Johnny wipes sleep out of eyes.)

Teacher: Think about the number 36. Is it a multiple of 6?

(Johnny blinks. Wipes his eyes.)

Teacher: Multiple, Johnny. Remember? We talked about this yesterday.

Johnny: Seven?

Ever experience anything similar?  To that end, I like to offer extra opportunities for practice. I want something that is...

Visually appealing
Practical for a variety of levels
Perfect for math centers

This new set of Multiples Puzzles gives students ongoing practice with identifying and ordering multiples. Always on the lookout for ways to integrate math and literature, I selected Greek Mythology as a theme. Here's how they work...

1. Copy the puzzles on cardstock, choosing from black/white or color versions. Laminate, as desired.

2. Cut puzzles on horizontal lines into strips.

3. Place each puzzle in an envelope and label with the correct multiple.

4. Place in a math center, assign as homework, or use during a lesson on multiples.

5. As an additional option, as students complete each puzzle, they can note patterns they observe on 100s grids in their own Book of Multiples.

Teachers can differentiate by offering students puzzles that correspond with the practice most needed. Two blank puzzles are included for the creation of challenge puzzles.

Take a closer look at Multiples Puzzles for Greek Myths.

Looking for more multiples practice? My students have enjoyed making flap books & folds (see here and here), and used them as ongoing reference tools in their math journals.

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